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January 2017 I hope everyone had a fantas c Christmas and New Year's Day! We are truly blessed! God blessed our church in so many ways this year. The Café is ge ng close to being completed. The children's wing is close to being done. We are grateful for every person who has helped in different stages with that this year. Thank you so much! 2017 has arrived. I see this year as being a year of addi on. God is going to add to us. Add to our numbers, add to our faith, add to our blessing, add to our wisdom and knowledge. He is ready to ADD to you! If victory is what has been eluding you, you will get it this year stand and fight no ma er what and He will come through. He will deliver you out of the valley. He is about to send people your way that need you to share the gospel with them. They will need Jesus and you are the one that can tell them about the blood of the Lamb and bring the word of your tes mony to them. You will have opportunity a er opportunity to invite and bring people to the House of God. This is the year that God will fill this house! Let Him use you to win souls. Let Him use you to pray for the sick. Let Him use you to be a blessing. Are you full or empty today? Let this be the year that you allow Him to fill you to over- flowing every day, so you can minister out of the overflow. Stay full in 2017. don't let the devil zap you of your spiritual energy and fervor for the Lord! Fight the good fight of FAITH! Keep your faith and let it build up and get stronger and bigger. Don't let any circumstance bring you to a lower level or empty you of your zeal. This year is the year that you will overcome. We were created to live victoriously! Let's do it. Let's live life be er than we ever have. Let's take every opportunity that comes across our path to share the gospel of Jesus and make the most of those opportuni es. Let's make 2017 a year that we kick the devil in the teeth! God has a place that He wants FCFC to be at the end of 2017. let's help Him get it there! It is truly up to us! We have an awesome church family! I think if we learn to love like we never have before; be selfless and be concerned for others; fight the good fight and don't let our faith wane; God will do great and mighty miracles this year at FCFC. This is the year that you WIN. Your family wins! FCFC wins! I'm calling all hands on deck! Let's do the work of the ministry! Yes W.O.R.K. we have to work to get things done. Physically to finish projects and help others. Financially faithful, thing and giving, to make sure the bills are paid and you are blessed and protected. In FAITH believing that the church will be paid off, IN FULL, early very, very soon. Spiritually, being ready to worship with the brothers and sisters in the family of God, ready to receive the Word of God that He has put on your Pastor's heart to help you be a good ci zen and also the best Chris an you can be to be a winner! One more me let's say it together! I will WIN! In 2017! I will not give up! I will be more than a conqueror! I will put those things in the past, in the past! I will do what it takes to be a God follower! I will not get weary! I will not fret, because God is not finished yet! Just a heads up, He will never be finished with you!!! Francine and I love you and we speak great and mighty blessings over you in Jesus' Name!! Pastor Jeff Happy New Year Church Family,

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