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Hello Friends and Family, Happy New Year! It's ge ng to be that me of year again. Time to start preparing for our annual golf ou ng. It's not un l May, but the prepara on is extensive and we start months early. Anyone who is willing to help please contact Tiffany (810-834-2584). Tiffa- ny is due with her baby at the beginning of April, so we want to get everything done by then. All helping hands are welcome! The last couple of months we have been going through 1John and studying it. It has been really good and eye opening for the youth. While we were at the Purity Conference in Kentucky, we purchased a book called "Not Open" by Luke and Lisa Cherry. "Not Open" is a clarion call for us as Chris ans to live the full, sa sfying and most joyous life that comes from walking with and reflec ng Jesus Christ. May we be open only to the things that God has placed before us and not bow to the subtle, almost undetectable compromises that have infiltrated our land, homes, and churches from the carnal culture in which we live. "Not Open" will help you detect the areas of compromise that culture has so cleverly woven into our lives and challenge you to live the powerful, life altering, and undiluted life that has been planned for you and your family through living and reflec ng the truth of Jesus Christ and God's Word. We are excited to begin preaching from different sec ons of this book! Also, we will have this year of events planned very soon and parents will receive the dates in their mailbox. Keep an eye out! Thank you for all your con nued support and prayers as we con nue to walk out God's plan for our lives and Ardent Youth Ministry. We call you blessed in the name of Jesus as we begin a new and exci ng year! Chris and Tiff Pra Ardent Youth Leaders 3

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