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Faith Family News Happy Father's Day Dads June 2018 I hope this finds you blessed and highly favored of the Lord! As I sit here and think of all the things that a dad needs to be to his children, I thought I would convey this into a thank you list to dads. Some of these things we are very good at, and some of these things we need a list like this to remind us and strengthen us to do and be the Dads that God has called us to be. I did this in the form of Thank You Dad. Thank you Dad for….. 1. Serving Jesus with all of your heart. 2. Loving Mom uncondi onally 3. Loving me and our en re family uncondi onally 4. Not allowing the things that I do to diminish that love 5. Taking care of us and suppor ng us 6. Making sacrifices in your life so I can have things that you did not have 7. Going to church and teaching me this habit even when you didn't feel like it 8. Telling me that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens 9. Teaching me respect and honor for the authority that has been placed over me (and the more I respect and honor even when it may not be deserved I will be blessed) 10. Teaching me to care even when you don't feel like caring about any one. 11. Being encourage in Christ when discouragement tries to come 12. Believing in me when no one else would You see, as dads one of the greatest things that we can do is believe in our children and support them. The Bible tells us not to provoke our children to anger. One of the greatest ways we can do that is love and believe in them and not make fun of them and call them names when they fail. Teach the boys to be men and the girls to be women. It is one of the greatest legacies that we can leave our children. Don't buy their love, show them love. Hug them when they push away. Make them hug you! Kiss them on the cheek and tell them you love them. Being Dad is one of the hardest jobs on earth I believe. You can think your are doing great and always feel like you are falling short and there are things you need to improve on. Well the truth is there always are ways we can do be er. Do what it takes to not live with regrets. It is hard to do and takes sacrifice, but when we do it will be worth it in the long run. God bless you! And Happy Father's Day!!! Pastor Jeff

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